Hiili Music and references

Hiili Music is in 2000 formed one-man’s black hole, whose mission is to help bands and artists on their journey to luminous stardom. Hiili Hiilesmaa (Master of Arts) has produced, recorded and mixed dozens of successful albums since late 90’s. Albums produced by Hiili has been sold over five million copies world wide. There have been projects in more than 20 countries. Services include: Preproduction, recording, mixing and mastering. If you want to manage some part by yourself, you can choose which parts your project needs.

To whom?

To bands and artists, professionals and amateurs who want to rise their level, stand out from the mass and make more intriguing albums for their fans. Tell about your project, drop me an email: hiili (at) hiilihiilesmaa.com.

You will get a suggestion and a second opinion on what to do with your situation. Take advantage of Hiili’s extensive 20-year experience. Each album produced has had its own challenge and has given more awareness into how to make a successful record.