Coal House Mixing Room is specialized for mixing. The heart of the studio is 30 years old analog Soundcraft mixing console, which I managed to get over in 2018. I have used exactly the same console late 90’s when I produced a few metal classics like HIM’s Greatest Love Songs vol. 666.

Mixing is in addition to producing my main job. I mix continually albums recorded in different locations. I have noticed that a succesful mix is also a success of fruitful co-operation. The budget is often at the center what it comes to mixing. The sizes of the projects can be very different from each other. Its important to fit the budget to the scale of the band. I can define the price for with a few questions to find out your situation. So just drop me an email.

Typically the mixing goes like this

If I haven’t been involved in earlier phases, we will define your situation with couple of questions. How many songs to be mixed, what is the average amount of multi-tracks (30 or 130 per song), budget limits etc. A very good way to define the situation is to listen the ”rough mixes” if you have those made. You will get simple instructions how to pack and send the multi-tracks via internet to my studio.

The bands remarks are important and I observe them with sensitive ear. When the first mix is ready, you will get it for a check. After a few days I’ll receive a ”Recall list” from you. The list includes the desired changes to the mix. Then I recall the mix with the list and create the second version of the mix. Usually there are two recall rounds to the mix. Then the song is ready for mastering.

I have an analog signal path, but also total recall to the mixes. So its fast and easy to recall the mixes after some time without any hassle with couplings and cables. I want to make it as flexible as possible, if you need to have background tapes for live situation for example.