The idea in the mastering is to ”crystal” the sound of the mix. The songs are processed that they sound as good as possible in different kinds of listening environments. Also the pauses between the songs are created which can be very creative.

Remarks in mastering process

For the mastering you need final mixes and the track order. Some sensitive audio processing is usually needed. The starts and ends of the mixes can be cleaned with fades if needed. It is good to decide the release format – Digi, CD, vinyl – in advance if possible. Different mixes need different treatment, but the focus is always to support the music style and the original idea of the mix.

As a producer I have worked with several top mastering engineers and mastering studios around. Thanks to all those sessions, I have realized what is important in the mastering and what is not. A great mix doesn’t need much in mastering, but a lesser good really needs mastering operations.

After mixing hundreds of songs I can also give feedback about your mix, if something does not work right. It is also possible to run the mixes to analog tape and back. Sometimes the vision is to get more muddy sound or sometimes analog bath works great if the mixes are done “in the box”.