The Recording phase has usually been the most expensive part of the production. It doesn’t have to be like that anymore. Many bands have their own recording gear and musicians are able to do the recordings by themselves. It is smart to do some parts of recordings by yourself. You simply save money and you can use that money into more important things –like mixing.

Here are couple of examples how I can take a part in recording phase

Virtual way

You can do all the recording while I am listening to the clips and samples what you are doing at certain spots. This way you can get feedback from the producer, but the scedule is in your hands and the costs stay low. No traveling, external studio or accommodation costs. This is the most popular way to do it today!

Traditional way

I am producing the whole session and I do the recordings too. Depending on the studio, there can be an engineer or an assistant involved too. The studio can be any local studio near by you. Or the sessions can be held in some suitable studio in Finland. Usually the vocals and overdubs are recorded in my Coal House Studio in Hämeenlinna (1 hour from Helsinki center).

Drums and vocal production

We can do the drum session together and the band takes care of the rest of the recordings. After all the overdubs are done, I will produce the lead vocals and backing vocals in my studio or some studio of your preference.

Set up-session

We can do the set up together in a day or two. Tune the drum kit and make the drum sound for recordings. Checking out the guitar gear and sounds etc. If the sessions are held in your rehearsal place, I can help to get the best out of the recording gear with some tips and hints. After the set up is ready to go, the band takes care of the recordings within their own scedules.

Base tracks

We can do the base tracks together. Drums, bass, main guitars for example. Then the band can continue with their own timetable making lead guitars, vocals, acoustics, synths etc.