Hiili Music and references

Hiili Music is in 2000 formed one-man’s black hole, whose mission is to help bands and artists on their journey to luminous stardom. Hiili Hiilesmaa (Master of Arts) has produced, recorded and mixed dozens of successful albums since late 90’s. Albums produced by Hiili has been sold over five million copies world wide. There have been […]

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A hefty budget does not always guarentee success what it comes to album making. I have realized this fact when working with bigger and smaller albums. Well done preproduction saves your money and time, makes the album sound better and makes the songs more competitive in the market. The preproduction is easy to do virtually. […]

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The Recording phase has usually been the most expensive part of the production. It doesn’t have to be like that anymore. Many bands have their own recording gear and musicians are able to do the recordings by themselves. It is smart to do some parts of recordings by yourself. You simply save money and you […]

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Coal House Mixing Room is specialized for mixing. The heart of the studio is 30 years old analog Soundcraft mixing console, which I managed to get over in 2018. I have used exactly the same console late 90’s when I produced a few metal classics like HIM’s Greatest Love Songs vol. 666. Mixing is in […]

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The idea in the mastering is to ”crystal” the sound of the mix. The songs are processed that they sound as good as possible in different kinds of listening environments. Also the pauses between the songs are created which can be very creative.

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